30 Admirable Easter Cupcakes


Easter celebration has always been a tradition in almost all countries. In a religious realm, it has been said that  the resurrection of Jesus, which Easter celebrates, is a foundation of the Christian faith.

During Easter, eggs and bunnies are the most used signifiers. In fact, easter celebration is always associated with egg hunting and bunny hopping games.

You may take  a look at these 30 Admirable Easter Cupcakes to update your party menu! You and your loved ones will definitely enjoy seeing these cakes on your dining table! It will be a pleasant sight for sure!


1. Chocolate Eggs Cupcakes

Chocolate Eggs Cupcakes
Source: Michael Kay Photography

2. Pink Bunny Cupcakes

Pink Bunny Cupcakes
Source: Bakerella

3. Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes
Source: Good To Know

4. Bunny Ears Cupcakes

Bunny Ears Cupcakes
Source: Pixshark

5. Egg Basket Cupcakes

Egg Basket Cupcakes
Source: Create Craft Love

6. Easter Rose And Orange Cupcakes

Easter Rose And Orange Cupcakes
Source: Hostess With The Mostess

7. Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

Easter Chocolate Cupcakes
Source: Fantastic Cleaners

8. Fluffy Bunny Cupcakes

Fluffy Bunny Cupcakes
Source: Whole Kitchen

9. Lovely Easter Eggs Cupcakes

Lovely Easter Egg Cupcakes
Source: We Heart It

10. Vanilla Bunny Cupcakes

Vanilla Bunny Cupcakes
Source: Love Food

11. Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes
Source: Cutest Food

12. Bunnies And Garden Cupcakes

Bunnies And Garden Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

13. Gorgeous Easter Chick Cupcakes

Gorgeous Easter Chick Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

14. Beautiful Chocolate Easter Cupcake

Beautiful Chocolate Easter Cupcake
Source: Big Fat Cook

15. Adorable Easter Basket Cupcake

Adorable Easter Basket Cupcake
Source: Flickr

16. Carrot Easter Cupcakes

Carrot Easter Cupcakes
Source: Baking With Flours

17. Basket Cone Cupcakes

Basket Cone Cupcakes
Source: Creative Mommas

18. Bird’s Nest Cupcake

Bird's Nest Cupcake
Source: Delicious Recipes

19. Easter Cookie Eggs Cupcakes

Easter Cookie Eggs Cupcakes
Source: Facebook

20. Bottom’s Up Bunny Cupcake

Bottom's Up Bunny Cupcake
Source: Cake Central

21. Delightful Easter Eggs Cupcakes

Delightful Easter Eggs Cupcakes
Source: Klastyling

22. Chocolate Rabbit Cupcakes

Chocolate Rabbit Cupcakes
Source: My Cupcake Addiction

23. Bunny Family Cupcakes

Bunny Family Cupcakes
Source: Sweet Society

24. Hatching Egg Easter Cupcakes

Hatching Egg Easter Cupcakes
Source: Butter Hearts Sugar

25. Sneaky Bunny Cupcakes

Sneaky Bunny Cupcakes
Source: With Sprinkles On Top

26. Surprise Egg Cupcakes

Surprise Egg Cupcakes
Source: Betty Crocker

27. Tricolor Easter Eggs Cupcakes

Tricolor Easter Eggs Cupcakes
Source: The Novice Chef

28.  Fancy Easter Cupcakes

Fancy Easter Cupcakes
Source: All Recipes For Cupcakes

29. Easter Spring Cupcakes

Easter Spring Cupcakes
Source: HoliCoffee

30. Carrot Dive Cupcake

Carrot Dive Cupcake
Source: HoliCoffee