30 Astonishing Christmas Cupcakes

Snow Globe Cupcakes
Snow Globe Cupcakes

Christmas is one of the few occasions wherein families could have a really good quality time. It is the time when mothers are too busy planning the food they need to prepare for Christmas Eve.Cookies and cakes are the most common served treats during this day,why don’t you try to give a twist to your sweet course? A scrumptious Christmas themed cupcake will be perfect! Here are the 30 Astonishing Christmas Cupcakes for inspiration!

1. Snowflakes Cupcakes

Snowflakes Cupcakes
Source: Cupcakes Are My New Love

2. Candy Cane Cupcakes

Candy Cane Cupcakes
Source: Lick The Bowl Good

3. Mistletoe Cupcakes

Mistletoe Cupcakes
Source: Fanpop

4. Tall Christmas Trees Cupcakes

Tall Christmas Trees Cupcakes
Source: Annabel Karmel

5. Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes
Source: Your Cup Of Cake

6. Pink Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

Pink Christmas Ornament Cupcakes
Source: PuzzleMobi

7. Snow Globe Cupcakes

Snow Globe Cupcakes
Source: Sugar Hero

8. Snowman Cupcake

Snowman Cupcake
Source: Webneel

9. Beautiful Snowflakes Cupcake Tower

Beautiful Snowflakes Cupcake Tower
Source: The Cupcake Daily Blog

10. Classy Blue Christmas Cupcakes

Classy Blue Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Cake Masters

11. White Christmas Cupcakes

White Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

12. Lovely Mistletoe Cupcakes

Lovely Mistletoe Cupcakes
Source: Catch My Party

13. Winter Wonderland Cupcake

Winter Wonderland Cupcake
Source: Cupcakes A Diario

14. Classic Christmas Cupcakes

Classic Christmas Cupcakes
Source: The Cupcake Daily Blog

15. Gifts Cupcake

Gifts Cupcake
Source: Flickr

16. Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread Cupcakes
Source: Celebrate Creativity

17. Winter Christmas Cupcakes

Winter Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Cake Central

18. Adorable Deer Cupcakes

Adorable Deer Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

19. Piped Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Piped Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Source: Cake Central

20. Fancy Christmas Cupcakes

Fancy Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Puddle Duck Bakery

21. Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes
Source: Half Baked

22. Santa Claus Cupcakes

Santa Claus Cupcakes
Source: Catch My Party

23. Stunning Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes

Stunning Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

24. Tiny Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Tiny Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Source: Cadbury Kitchen

25. Charming Candy Cane Cupcakes

Charming Candy Cane Cupcakes
Source: Good To Know

26. Presents Cupcakes

Presents Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

27. Delightful Snowman Cupcakes

Delightful Snowman Cupcakes
Source: Annabel Karmel

28. Christmas Spirit Cupcakes

Christmas Spirit Cupcakes
Source: Matt Galligan

29. Poinsettia Cupcakes

Poinsettia Cupcakes
Source: The Simple Cake

30. Dazzling Stars Cupcakes

Dazzling Stars Cupcakes
Source: Good To Know