30 Charming Cat And Dog Cupcakes

Pretty Purple Cat Cupcake
Pretty Purple Cat Cupcake

For the longest time that I can remember, cats and dogs were always been considered as mortal enemies of each other. However, in the recent years, people found out that it is not always the case for both can be best of friends sometimes as proven by some of the households around the world.

To celebrate the love, beauty, and friendship of both adorable household pets, this website showcases yummy cupcakes with cat and dog designs. Checking out the designs we collected from the internet, there are so many ways to do cat and dog cupcakes. There are cupcakes wherein the pet’s faces are placed into the cupcake as cream toppings. Some also exert extra effort in designing a 3D models of cats and dogs standing on a batch of such delicious goodies. There are simple black and white designs while most of it are as colorful as the furs of both pets.

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I am a dog lover myself, so having a scrumptious meal with these 30 Charming Cat And Dog Cupcakes is a thing I won’t miss for the world. I just hope that my dogs won’t be mad at me after seeing me eating one on top of these delights.


30Pretty Purple Cat Cupcake

Image Credit: Craftsy