30 Enticing Flower Cupcakes


Flowers are widely recognized as main stream decors or toppers for cupcakes. However, flower designed cup of treat never loses its popularity!

A flower fondant or even an edible flower adds femininity to your sweet course. Floral decorated cupcake is perfect for girls of all ages,special occasions and gatherings. This intricate  topper will give your cupcake a breathtaking and sumptuous look.

There are numbers of ways to make flower cupcakes elegant and sophisticated, here are the 30 Enticing Flower Cupcakes to get inspired by!


1. Elegant Violet Roses Cupcakes

Elegant Violet Roses Cupcakes
Source: Asian Town

2. Carnation Pink Roses Cupcakes

Carnation Pink Roses Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

3. Colorful Flowers Cupcakes

Colorful Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Tumblr

4. Royal Blue Flowers Cupcakes

Royal Blue Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Cupcakes Take The Cake

5. Fancy Flower Gallery Cupcakes

Fancy Flower Gallery Cupcakes
Source: Wilton

6. Lovely Hydrangea Cupcakes

Lovely Hydrangea Cupcakes
Source: Glorious Treats

7. Gorgeous Pansies Cupcakes

Gorgeous Pansies Cupcakes
Source: Cake Whiz

8. Charming Pink Flowers Cupcakes

Charming Pink Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Juliet Stallwood

9. Realistic Hibiscus Cupcakes

Realistic Hibiscus Cupcakes
Source: Juliet Stallwood

10. Adorable Blue Flower Cupcakes

Adorable Blue Flower Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

11. Beautiful Peach Flower Cupcakes

Beautiful Peach Flower Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

12. Stunning Floral Cupcakes

Stunning Floral Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

13. Delicate Rose Cupcakes

Delicate Rose Cupcakes
Source: Natasha Burns

14. Potted Flowers Cupcakes

Potted Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

15. Candied Primroses Cupcakes

Candied Primroses Cupcakes
Source: Bloglovin’

16. Daffodil And Rose Cupcakes

Daffodil And Rose Cupcakes
Source: Juniper Cakery

17. Purple Orchid Cupcakes

Purple Orchid Cupcakes
Source: Agnestas Tartor O Cupcakes

18. Blooming Roses Cupcakes

Blooming Roses Cupcakes
Source: Imgfave

19. Delightful Sunflower Cupcakes

Delightful Sunflower Cupcakes
Source: Indulgy

20. Creative Rose Cupcakes

Creative Rose Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

21. Adorable Little Rose Cupcakes

Adorable Little Rose Cupcakes
Source: 7 Themes

22. Rustic Pink Roses Cupcakes

Rustic Pink Roses Cupcakes
Source: The Secret Catacombs Of Cake & Tea

23. Exquisite Red Roses Cupcakes

Exquisite Red Roses Cupcakes
Source: Zero Tips

24. Orange Lily Cupcakes

Orange Lily Cupcakes
Source: Sweet Dreams Bakery

25. Daisy Cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes
Source: Dessert-o-licious

26. Attractive Daisy Cupcakes

Attractive Daisy Cupcakes
Source: Hello,Cupcake!

27. Gorgeous Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

Gorgeous Chrysanthemum Cupcakes
Source: Hummingbird High

28. Elegant Pink And White Flowers Cupcakes

Elegant Pink And White Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Weddbook

29. Floral Garden Cupcake

Floral Garden Cupcake
Source: Flickr

30. Ravishing Flowers Cupcakes

Ravishing Flowers Cupcakes
Source: Flickr