30 Spectacular Witch Cupcakes

Upside Down Witch Cupcake
Upside Down Witch Cupcake

Halloween just ended and kids still has the hangover from all the trick-or-treats and overnight parties dressed up in full horror costumes. As for the ladies, one of the most sought after costume choice is the witch.

During these post-season days wherein there is pretty much no partying until Christmas, how nice it is for mom to bake us something fresh from the oven topped with something so horrible (but delicious) from the Halloween? Witch-inspired cupcake designs are as colorful as Easter eggs. Moms, bakers, and bakers-at-heart can play around with all the witchy stuff they could ever think of and apply it as top designs for cupcakes. They can of course create witch hats and cauldrons and place it on top of these scrumptious goodies. While scouring the internet for witchy cupcakes, we also found designs which featured spiders, webs, spider eggs, and more about spiders. Ingredients to make a love potion were also found like fingers, twigs, and hairs.

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It may sound gross right now but the moment you see the selected samples below, you guys can’t get enough and won’t hesitate to take a bite. In this post, it is not about trick-or-treats, more likely, trick-or-cupcakes. Yes I know, it sounds off but you get my point, right?

Take a look at these 30 Spectacular Witch Cupcakes collection now!


30Witch’s Chocolate Coned Hat Cupcakes

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