32 Mouthwatering Matcha Cupcakes

Cranberry Matcha Cupcakes
Cranberry Matcha Cupcakes

Who wants to be rejuvenated and at the same time satisfied from the cravings for baked goodies? If you are one of the people out there dying to get a mouthful of this interesting mix, why not try the matcha cupcakes?

Matcha or green tea cupcakes are basically cupcakes with toppings made from matcha tea powder. Matcha tea is known for its rich theanine and caffeine potency that calms the mind while gives vigor to the body. As expected, matcha cupcakes are most of the time has an apple green-colored frosting or cream top for the matcha component. Bakers apply different designs on the cupcakes so that the goodies will not just smell nice but visually enticing.

The combination of the sweet cupcake and the bitterness of matcha makes a scrumptious dessert or afternoon delight for everyone. Grab a bite today!

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Take a look at these 32 Mouthwatering Matcha Cupcakes and get inspired by! Grab a bite today!

32Tasty Matcha Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting

Image Credit: Ilona’s Passion