36 Savory Turkey Cupcakes

Gorgeous Turkey Themed Cupcakes
Gorgeous Turkey Themed Cupcakes

It is almost Thanksgiving and I bet the turkeys are already scouring the farms hiding, not to be taken away to processing plants. It is a day where they are most sought after, much like pumpkins on Halloween, both of which ends up either in kitchen and carved up. In order to express appreciation to the unwavering sacrifice of turkeys during Thanksgiving, we offer this cupcake post to them, though they are still meant to be eaten.

As the name suggests, cupcakes featured on this post have something “turkey” on it. Designs may show a turkey face on top of the cupcake or the cupcake itself is the body of the turkey. Some also create little turkey designs and bakers let them perched on top of the cupcakes. Whatever the design, it sure is always funny to look at, no offense on the turkeys.

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So, in the upcoming Thanksgiving, why not try different and eat turkeys that is not “the” turkey? To give you inspiration, here are the 36 Savory Turkey Cupcakes! Have fun with the family in baking such delightful goodies and spend the holidays with the warmth of love present in your homes.


33Chocolate Sprinkled Turkey Cupcakes

Image Credit: My Recipe Magic

Big Eyed Turkey Cupcakes

Big Eyed Turkey Cupcakes Image Credit: Diary Of A Domestic Goddess