40 Beguiling Monster Cupcakes

Fluffy Monsters Cupcakes
Fluffy Monsters Cupcakes

Although Halloween is over, kids still can’t get enough being fond of monsters. Monsters are most of the time part of their growing up. They may be scared of monsters when they were still young, hiding beneath their sheets afraid of something horrifying will come out from their closet or idolize some when they starting to grow up and see them on TV. Either way, monsters somehow spark children’s imaginative and playful minds. Since it is a part of the things that makes them engaged into play or learning things, designing a cupcake with monster figures is a great activity for them for sure. Baking a delicious cupcake while allowing them to design the toppings with a face of their favorite monster do not just create a fun bonding time with them but it also assures that what you want them to eat will definitely be enjoyed until the last crumb.

Take a look at these 40 Beguiling Monster Cupcakes and be inspired!


1. Colorful Monster Cupcakes

Colorful Monster Cupcakes
Source: Betty Crocker

2. Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Source: Bird On A Cake

3. Cotton Monster Cupcakes

Cotton Monster Cupcakes
Source: The Novice Chef Blog

4. Googly-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

Googly-Eyed Monster Cupcakes
Source: Celebrations

5. Big-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

Big-Eyed Monster Cupcakes
Source: Christina Williams

6. Monsters University Cupcakes

Monsters University Cupcakes
Source: Eclectic Recipes

7. Fancy One-Eyed Cupcakes

Fancy One-Eyed Cupcakes
Source: Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

8. Spiky Monster Cupcakes

Spiky Monster Cupcakes
Source: Carpe Season

9. Toothy Monster Cupcakes

Toothy Monster Cupcakes

Source: Bird On A Cake

10. Sticky Monster Cupcakes

Sticky Monster Cupcakes
Source: Juniper Cakery

11. Fluffy Monsters Cupcakes

 Fluffy Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

12. Tentacles Monster Cupcake

Tentacles Monster Cupcake
Source: Flickr

13. Monster Pig Cupcake

Monster Pig Cupcake
Source: Flickr

14. Toothy Green Monster Cupcakes

Toothy Green Monster Cupcakes
Source: TESCO Real Food

15. Mallows Monster Cupcakes

Mallows Monster Cupcakes
Source: Celebrations

16. Triple-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

Triple-Eyed Monster Cupcakes
Source: The Seven Year Cottage

17. Adorable Monsters Cupcakes

Adorable Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Foody

18. Mrs. Cookie Monster Cupcake

 Mrs. Cookie Monster Cupcake
Source: I Sing In The Kitchen

19. Friendly Monsters Cupcakes

Friendly Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Sweetology

20. Realistic Monsters Cupcakes

Realistic Monsters Cupcakes
Source: whidcn

21. Spooky Eye Monster Cupcakes

Spooky Eye Monster Cupcakes
Source: LIFE with the CRUST cut off

22. Terrifying Field Monsters Cupcakes

Terrifying Field Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Martha Stewart

23. Melting Monster Cupcakes

Melting Monster Cupcakes
Source: Fab Image

24. Spiky Orange Monster Cupcake

Spiky Orange Monster Cupcake
Source: Good Cupcakes

25. Enthralling Monsters Cupcakes

Enthralling Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Hungry Happenings

26. Frank and Friends Cupcakes

Frank and Friends Cupcakes
Source: Chef Julie Yoon

27. Monster Strawberry Cupcakes

Monster Strawberry Cupcakes
Source: Yummy Crumble

28. Swirling One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

 Swirling One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes
Source: Betty Crocker

29. Big Mouth Cupcakes

Big Mouth Cupcakes
Source: Youtube

30. Sulley and Mike Cupcakes

Sulley and Mike Cupcakes
Source: Craftsy

31. Valentine Monster Cupcakes

Valentine Monster Cupcakes
Source: Cutest Food

32. Coco Monsters Cupcakes

Coco Monsters Cupcakes
Source: Funtober

33. Lumpy Bumpy Monster Cupcakes

Lumpy Bumpy Monster Cupcakes
Source: Young At Heart Mommy

34. Green One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes

Green One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

35. Frankie Cupcakes

Frankie Cupcakes
Source: Frikkin Awesome

36. Hairy Monster Cupcakes

Hairy Monster Cupcakes
Source: World Eventer

37. Horned Monster Cupcake

Horned Monster Cupcake
Source: staedtlioptik

38. Frankie Coned Cupcakes

Frankie Coned Cupcakes
Source: Mr. Food

39. Popping Eye Cupcakes

Popping Eye Cupcakes
Source: Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies

40. Blueberry Monster Cupcake

Blueberry Monster Cupcake
Source: Confetti Sunshine