40 Decadent Rose Cupcakes

Realistic Roses Cupcakes
Realistic Roses Cupcakes

Isn’t it delightful to see beautiful toppers or sophisticated frosting on your cupcakes? If you are a person that pays high attention to details and gets fascinated with intricate designs, then you must try baking rose cupcakes!

Here are the 40 Decadent Rose Cupcakes for inspiration! A sweet course not only for the stomach but also for the eyes!

1. Roses And Pistachio Cupcakes

Roses And Pistachio Cupcakes
Source: Whisk Kid

2. Rose Petal Cupcakes

Rose Petal Cupcakes
Source:  Story by Modcloth

3. Fancy Tea Cup Party Cupcakes

Fancy Teacup Party Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

4. Pink Bloom Cupcakes

Pink Bloom Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

5. Teal Roses Cupcakes

Teal Roses Cupcakes
Source: thec10.com

6. Magenta Roses Cupcakes

Magenta Roses Cupcakes
Source: Stylish Eve

7. Flamboyant Roses Cupcakes

Flamboyant Roses Cupcakes
Source: Emma Walsh Design

8. Ombre Red Cupcakes

Ombre Red Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

9. Elegant Rose Cupcakes

Elegant Rose Cupcakes
Source: Colin Cowie Weddings

10. Pale Roses Cupcakes

Pale Roses Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

11. Pink Rose Cupcakes

Pink Rose Cupcakes
Source: Tumblr

12. Tangy Rose Cupcake

Tangy Rose Cupcake
Source: Wedding Cakes

13. Classy Roses Cupcakes

Classy Roses Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

14. Delicate Rose Cupcakes

Delicate Rose Cupcakes
Source: Natasha Burns

15. Peach Roses Cupcakes

Peach Roses Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

16. Vintage Roses Cupcakes

Vintage Roses Cupcakes
Source: Flickr

17. Stunning Roses Cupcake

Stunning Roses Cupcake
Source: Tumblr

18. Lovely Buds Cupcakes

Lovely Buds Cupcakes
Source: Vintage Rose Garden

19. Fabulous Roses Cupcake

Fabulous Roses Cupcake
Source: Flickr

20. Tiered Roses Cupcakes

Tiered Roses Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

21. Gorgeous Roses Cupcakes

Gorgeous Roses Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

22. Luscious Chocolate Rose Cupcake

Luscious Chocolate Rose Cupcakes
Source: Sweet Revelations

23. Beautiful Violet Rose Cupcakes

Beautiful Violet Rose Cupcakes
Source: Indulgy

24. Realistic Roses Cupcakes

Realistic Roses Cupcakes
Source: Tumblr

25. I Do Cupcakes

I Do Cupcakes
Source: Eslamoda

26. Pretty Pink Rose Cupcake

Pretty Pink Rose Cupcake
Source: Objectivo Cupcake

27. Stunning Vintage Rose Cupcakes

Stunning Vintage Rose Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

28. Splendid Rose Wedding Cupcakes

Splendid Rose Wedding Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest

29. Blue Roses Cupcakes

Blue Roses Cupcakes
Source: Hello Sugar

30. Embossed Roses Cupcakes

Embossed Roses Cupcakes
Source: Bakerella

31. Pot Of Roses Cupcake

Pot Of Roses Cupcake
Source: Cake Central

32. Violet Rose Vanilla Teacup Cupcakes

Violet Rose Vanilla Teacup Cupcakes
Source: Cupcakepedia

33. Roses Bouquet Cupcake

Roses Bouquet Cupcake
Source: Bakerella

34. Pastel Roses Cupcakes

Pastel Roses Cupcakes


Source: Mama’s Write Cakes

35. Tiny Roses Cupcake

Tiny Roses Cupcake
Source: Bakingdom

36. Rustic Rose Cupcakes

Rustic Rose Cupcakes
Source: Sweetopia

37. Chocolate Rose Cupcakes

Chocolate Rose Cupcakes
Source: Let Them Eat Cakes

38. Buttercream Roses Cupcake Bouquet

Buttercream Roses Cupcake Bouquet
Source: Youtube

39. Blue Velvet Rose Cupcakes

Blue Velvet Rose Cupcakes
Source: Julie’s Cafe Bakery

40. Gorgeous Pastel Rose Cupcakes

Gorgeous Pastel Rose Cupcakes
Source: Juliet Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits