www.cupcakesgallery.com is managed by a team of kids living on Staten Island, NY. We are from different families but we all share one thing in common, we LOVE cupcakes!

There are many different cupcakes websites, so what makes www.cupcakesgallery.com unique? It’s the kids perspective! We want to share with the world our opinions when it comes to cupcakes, what we like, and not like, etc. and we think it’s really important to share that with our families, friends and other kids around the world who also love cupcakes.

Are you a kid who loves cupcake? =)

Lisa Wong

Editor in Chief

I’m a student in the 6th grade. Cupcakes always look good, smell good, and most importantly, taste great! So, why not team up with my brother to tell everyone what cupcakes really are?

Kevin Wong


I’m a student in grade 3. I love cupcakes! Not only do they taste great, they are also easy to bake! 🙂 And who wouldn’t want an easy activity to do!