30 Elegant Cameo Cupcake Design

Intricate Cameo Cupcakes
Intricate Cameo Cupcakes

For people who are always attending important and social gathering, jewelry is everything. It highlights the personality, the dress, and the status of a person. One kind of jewelry that an elegant person can wear is the brooch.

Brooch are like shirt pins but with bling. It is usually studded with pearls surrounding a large precious gem. Because of its sheer beauty, this fine jewelry piece is now part of the repertoire of cupcake art design. Cupcakes became the placeholder of a decoration that’s more like the real thing. Of course, with the awesome design comes the mouth-watering taste of the core cupcakes. Brooch on top of a whipped cream on top of a cupcake—heaven.

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Check out the few samples we have gathered for you guys to indulge. Be reminded that the brooch are meant for eating, not for pinning, just in case you get deceived by the art.

30Blue Paisley Cameo Cupcake Design

Image Credit: Tumblr