30 Chai Spice Cupcakes That Will Make Your Tastebuds Dance

Chai Cupcakes Topped With Nuts

There is a trend in culinary arts nowadays that involves what they call as the spice movement. A mixture of different kinds of spices into one, creating a unique exquisite flavor that can be added to common dishes or the luxurious ones. One example of these complex yet unique spice concoctions is the chai spice.

Chai spice is a flavor created from mixing different aromatic herbs and spices mixed with black tea and milk. Since this magical flavoring is flexible enough to be incorporated on any dishes, master bakers created a new line of cupcakes from this trend. Chai spice cupcakes look like normal cupcakes at first glance until you get the chance to take a bite from it. There is a good chance that the chai spice flavoring is incorporated on the frosting on top and some already have it on the cupcake itself.

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We researched the internet and confirmed that the featured cupcakes for today are the most famous ones that are known for their chai spice flavoring. Take a look at the menu and imagine the mouth-watering flavor for a full enthralling experience!

30Fluffy Chai Spice Cupcakes

Image Credit: Taste and Tell Blog

29Chai Cupcakes Topped With Nuts

Image Credit: Cooking Catrin

28Pumpkin Chai Holiday Cupcakes

Image Credit: Baking A Moment

27Chocolate Chai Cupcakes with Chai Spice Buttercream

Image Credit: Devour

26Sprinkled Chai Latte Cupcakes

Image Credit: Do You Bake

25Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: The Novice Chef

24Vegan Pumpkin Chai Spice Cupcakes

Image Credit: Anne’s Cupcakery

23Dirty Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: Dirty Whisk

22Autumn Spice Cupcakes With Chai Buttercream

Image Credit: Susie Davis

21Spiced Chai Cupcakes With Brown Butter Frosting

Image Credit: Nerds With Knives

20Chai Spice Cupcakes With Maple Whipped Coconut Cream Frosting

Image Credit: The Floured Kitchen

19Chai Spiced Cupcakes With Tri-coloured Frosting

Image Credit: Bakes A Lot Lady

18Chocolate Chai Cheesecake Cupcakes

Image Credit: Inside Bru Crew Life

17Chai Tea Cupcakes

Image Credit: Teak & Thyme

16Sweet Potato Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: Kitchn

15Tender Spiced Chai Latte Mini Cupcakes

Image Credit: A Spicy Perspective

14Chai Spice Cupcakes with Honey Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Image Credit: The Polka Dotter

13Espresso Topped Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: Her Modern Kitchen

12Chai Spice Hominy Cupcakes

Image Credit: Spabettie

11Spicy Chai Cupcakes with Sweet Cinnamon Buttercream

Image Credit: Homemade & Yummy

10Chai Spiced Cupcakes With Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting

Image Credit: Faithful To Nature

9Chai Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

Image Credit: Today We Bake

8Chai Tea Spiced Cupcakes

Image Credit: Lauren Caris Cooks

7White Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcakes

Image Credit: Proper

6Chai Spiced Carrot Cupcakes

Image Credit: Baker By Nature

5Gluten Free Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: Sarah Bakes

4Chai Cupcakes With Brown Butter Chai Icing

Image Credit: How Sweet Eats

3Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

Image Credit: Dessert For Two

2Mini Chai Latte Cupcakes With Chai Latte Icing

Image Credit: Of Batter And Dough

1Chai Spice Cupcakes with Sugary Chai Buttercream

Image Credit: The Domestic Rebel