30 Exciting Champagne Cupcake Ideas

Luscious Champagne Cupcakes
Luscious Champagne Cupcakes

Today’s featured cupcakes can go with the simplest designs, simpler than anything that we have showcased so far. However, neither the design nor the toppings of these cupcakes made them suitable samples for this site’s posts, but what is inside of each one which them so special.

The sample cupcakes we have for you guys today has a special ingredient that makes simple into sheer elegance. All cupcakes lined up are one way or another flavored with champagne. Yes, you read it right, champagne. The sweet and bubbly flavor of this spirit drink is poured and mixed into the batter creating a sparkling oven masterpieces. Most of the champagne cupcakes are designed with just colored whipped creams or sprinkled with just a little bit of something because the truth is, the cupcake itself is more than enough to make you feel that you are in one of the elite parties out there. Of course, there are also some samples with cute champagne designs on top to serve as clues of the taste they would be getting when they bite.

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So, let us pop the corks and line up the glasses for the champagne cupcakes will start the party. Grab one today and have a bite and taste the awesomeness of sparkling goodies.

30Prosecco Champagne Cupcake

Image Credit: The Tom Kat Studio