30 Luscious Cherry Cupcake Ideas

German Chocolate Cupcakes With Cherry On Top
German Chocolate Cupcakes With Cherry On Top

This next cupcake post is an obvious one because the main feature is famous for always being on top of everything nice.

Cherry cupcakes are pretty much like you guys have in mind, cupcakes with cherries on their tops. In that setup, with an undeniably delicious cupcake as base, what more could be more perfect right? But, hold on your horses because this post will not just be that simple, I promise you guys. Within the list are cupcakes with whipped cream and icings flavored with cherry while some cups have cherry fillings of it.

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On top of the cherry-on-top are of course tiny bits of design accents that make each cupcake unique from the rest. Indulge everyone!

30Almond Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes

Image Credit: Blanquita