35 Mouthwatering Chocolate Cupcake Designs

Rocky Road Cupcakes
Rocky Road Cupcakes

This next cupcake showcase is a hands down crowd favorite. Few of the people of the world resists the temptation of this sweet aphrodisiac that not only helps boys during their heart quests, but also helps girls during their heartbreaks.

Chocolate cupcakes are the cupcakes I personally have grown to love with since this is the only way my mother knows how to bake a cupcake (seriously). However, in this post, I won’t just be presenting plain and simple chocolate cupcakes, the samples are with designs that are equally tempting and mesmerizing as the pastry itself. The cupcake provides the best dark back draft for colorful toppings and designs.

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Chocolate cupcakes are one of the baked goodies that are best for gifts. If you’re planning to visit your cousins or nephews in one of your family reunions, a batch of these cupcakes will surely lighten up the day of everyone.

35Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Image Credit: Pinterest