30 Christmas Decor Cupcakes

Gelatin Christmas Globe Cupcakes
Gelatin Christmas Globe Cupcakes

The wind is now chilly and the songs in the air are those that struck nostalgia down to every hearts of men. Its almost Christmas everyone.

In order to prepare ourselves to the most joyful season of the year, here are some of the cupcakes with designs inspired by Christmas decorations. Colorful Christmas balls which are actually delicious icing that melts in your mouth. Christmas trees and sugarcane that are made of well, sugar, elevate the sweetness not just for the cupcakes but for the people as well.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, Christmas decor cupcakes are here to bring tidings and joy for kids and young at hearts. Indulge to the taste of the season!

30Mistle Toe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Pinterest

29Christmas Ball Cupcakes

Image Credit: Deviant Art

28Chocolate Cupcake With Candy Cane Decor

Image Credit: Lick The Bowl Good

27White Star Topped Cupcake

Image Credit: Cute Food For Kids

26Chocolate Mistle Toe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Flickr

25Christmas Polar Bear Cupcakes

Image Credit: Indulgy

24Christmas Decors Cupcakes

Image Credit: Flickr

23Mistle Toe Fondant Cupcake

Image Credit: Pinterest

22Swirling Candy Cane Cupcake

Image Credit: My Easy Recipes

21Chocolate Cupcake Topped With Red Star

Image Credit: Topped Dreamer

20Santa Hat Cupcakes

Image Credit: Laura’s Bakery

19Red Ribbon With Mistle Toe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Catch My Party

18Pearly Mistle Toe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Flickr

17Christmas Frosty the Snowman Cupcake

Image Credit: Indulgy

16Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

Image Credit: Pinterest

15Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Image Credit: My Recipe Magic

14Spiced Christmas Cupcakes with Marzipan Frosting

Image Credit: A Mummy Too

13White Christmas Tree Cupcake

Image Credit: Flickr

12Christmas Light Cupcakes

Image Credit: Baked Bree

11Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Image Credit: Cooking Classy

10Christmas Present Cupcake

Image Credit: Pinterest

9Lit Candles Cupcakes

Image Credit: Flickr

8Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

7Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Image Credit: Pinterest

6Poinsettias Cupcake

Image Credit: Wilton

5Strawberry Christmas Tree Cupcake

Image Credit: Pinterest

4Gelatin Christmas Globe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Cakes Decor

3Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Image Credit: Pinterest

2Candy Canes Cupcakes

Image Credit: Good To Know

1Stunning Snowglobe Cupcakes

Image Credit: Pinterest