35 Rich And Savory Coffee Cupcakes

Scrumptious Irish Coffee Cupcakes
Scrumptious Irish Coffee Cupcakes

The cupcakes in store for you today probably be the most brown of all postings. This is one of my favorite since the main ingredient is something that I am pretty much addicted to and I’m sure most of you as well.

Coffee or caffeine, if ranked with the other addictive substances in the world, good or bad, would rank second only behind Nicotine. This does not mean however that coffee is all that bad, I mean everything becomes bad if you acquire too much. With controlled dosage, coffee offers a wide array of therapy and relief to humans especially those who are constantly bombarded with stress. In you are a fan of coffee, then you have probably tried other products that claim to have coffee in them. Today’s cupcakes are of the same concept, cupcakes that are flavored, topped, and glazed with coffee. That is why this is a brown post since most of the samples prepared below have brown frosting or cream which tells you that there is coffee in it. Make no mistake though, bake artists still has their way in creating art from this one-sided coloring and their outputs are so damn mouth-watering.

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Check out the savory coffee cupcakes we have for you guys today. These awesome samples will not just tease your palate but also open your eyes because literally it’s kicks like coffee.

35Coffee Cupcake with Mocha Buttercream Frosting

Image Credit: A Cookie Named Desire