35 Green Thumb Inspired Cupcakes For Botanists

Sprouted Chocolate Cupcakes
Sprouted Chocolate Cupcakes

Undeniably, there is unlimited science and equal fascination to the kingdom of plants. Aside from water, plants are probably the 2nd reason why Earth is alive.

Being the 2nd largest kingdom of life, the study of plants need dedicated brains in order to unravel all its mysteries and know all its systems. Scientists that devote themselves in the study of different kinds of plants are called botanists, and botanists are some of the most respected men of science at these times.

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To recognize their effort and contribution to the ever-increasing body of knowledge, talented bakers create some of the best cupcake designs dedicated to the respected profession. From associated plants to the recognizable tools and gears that botanists use, these mouth watering cupcakes are not only delicious to our palates but also are eye candies luring us to forget our diet plans for a bit.

35Mint Chocolate Plant Cupcakes

Image Credit: Nature’s Emporium