30 Lusciously Filled Cupcakes

Cranberry Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting
Cranberry Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Do you guys love surprises? Well, I guess the answer is always a yes. I mean, who does not want a legit and good-intentioned surprises in this world? Surprises are examples of good gestures that nurture life experiences and relationships.

This time, I have a good example of a surprise which not only satisfies your heart, but more importantly your stomach. Introducing the filled artful cupcakes. These are cupcakes that are aesthetically created to lure customers while offering a blast of surprise when tried out. Fillings on a pastry is not a new technique in the baking world however this time it is not selling point of the cupcake rather the hidden surprise. The fillings could be anything, from creams to jams. There are also unique cupcake filings we see out there like chocolates, fruits, and syrups. Most often, the color of the toppings give hints on what to expect one could find on the core.

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If you happen to find a local gourmet patisserie, try to as if the baker prepared a surprise cup out of his/her repertoire. If they have, make sure to grab one. Enjoy the levels of enjoyment and satisfaction of having to experience the tempting look of the baked goodie, the scrumptious flavor of the cupcake, and the surprise taste of the fillings.


30Strawberries and Cream Filled Cupcakes

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