35 Floral Fondant Cupcake Designs

Lavander and Pale Pink Floral Cupcakes
Lavander and Pale Pink Floral Cupcakes

We all know delicious and lovely cupcakes are when served and eaten. It is one of those treats that most children would line up for or be excited when their mothers bake for them. The best thing about this baked goody is not just about hoe delicious it is but also the chance for bakers to design anything on it making it a bite size works of art.

The trend in cakes right now are all about fondant. Fondant is an edible rubbery ingredient which can be used for modern designing such as digital prints and elaborate architectures. Since the material, or the ingredient is very flexible, having it on a cupcake is no problem. Now, as an introductory post for fondant cupcake design, I opt to choose the most colorful subject I can find, the flowers. Flower petals and its different colors can all be realized with the use of fondant. Cupcakes can even be made into a special kind of bouquet which can be given to the love of our lives during special occasions.

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Check out these amazing floral fondant cupcakes which you guys will surely love and drool over. Invite someone over to your kitchen and make this a rewarding get-together experience for everyone.


35Pearl Pink Flower Fondant Cupcakes

Image Credit: Cake Journal