30 Clever Food Themed Cupcakes

Sushi Cupcakes
Sushi Cupcakes

What is more delicious than a scrumptious food and a mouth-watering cupcake? Well obviously, it is the combination of the two that would be the best answer to that question.

Not saying that the cupcakes need to taste like the culinary preferences, these food-themed cupcakes may just need to have that tempting decoration to work like magic. The food designs make every cupcake unique and display-worthy. There are a lot of food choices that have their own hypnotizing effect on the eyes and tummies of hungry patrons so patisseries do not have any problems in finding the best decoration for their baked goodies.

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Feast on the best of the best cupcakes out there that are decorated with the most ingenious food-like designs. The selection will surely be a double whammy to every hungry tummies out there longing for a sweet and satisfying treat.

30Barbecue Time Cupcakes

Image Credit: Two Busy Blondes