30 Sparkling Gold Cupcakes

Stunning Gold Decorated Cupcakes
Stunning Gold Decorated Cupcakes

In earlier times and maybe up to now, the world was controlled by gold. Trade and fashion has gold as the ultimate currency.

As for the food and beverage industry, do you know that there are new gourmet food recipes that are sprinkled with real gold? Personally, I see this tummy treats as too extravagant and outrageous. Because aside from the claims that the food tastes better with gold, these recipes are too expensive for a commoner to buy.

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I don’t have anything against gold though, in fact I love gold as traditional a jewelry material. To show my support on that, below are cupcakes that are designed with gold in it. Because the subject matter is the color, not the metal itself, the design portfolio is quite thick. Coloring cupcakes with gold assures you not just a delicious goodies but a luxurious gourmet treat. Try it for yourselves!

30Gold Pearls Topped Cupcakes

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