30 Mouthwatering Jam and Jelly Filled Cupcakes

Blueberry Jam Center Cupcakes
Blueberry Jam Center Cupcakes

Well-baked cupcakes are already mouth-watering even when you just imagine it. When a cupcake is topped with cream, icing, or chocolate, its deliciousness jumps over a hundred fold. Now, imagine that you’re taking the first bite on a perfect cupcake then suddenly, right after your teeth sunk into that soft bun, you tasted something sweet and exciting that was hidden in the middle. Would that make you experience heaven? I’m sure it will.

Jam and jelly filled cupcakes are sought after yet difficult to find. Only a few skilled bakers have the guts to stuff a sweet fruity ooze in the middle of a fist-sized delight. Jams and jellies can be made from different ingredients and fruits, my personal favorite would be strawberries. The jam surprise adds more flavors to the cupcakes which are expected to be sweet and creamy.

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Although the most of the samples featured today may not show what’s inside, I assure you that the cupcakes you are about to see are all filled with fruity excitement. Just imagine how every one tastes like and for sure, your visit to this website is all worth it.

30Peanut Butter and Jam Cupcakes

Image Credit: Jenny Meyerson