30 Boozy Kahlua Cupcakes

Kahlua and Irish Cream Cupcakes
Kahlua and Irish Cream Cupcakes

Have you ever tasted a certain food that is meant for kids yet there’s that kick of alcohol in it? I bet you already have since adding liquors into delicious food is already a common practice especially in gourmet food. Today’s cupcake collection is of no exception.

The featured cupcakes today are glazed, flavored, and mixed with a famous sugar-based liquor from Mexico called Kahlua. If you have not tasted Kahlua in your whole life, then maybe having these flavored cupcakes will be your 1st go with it. Most the Kahlua-flavored cupcakes are designed just like mocha or chocolate cupcakes however just like what they’re saying, looks can be deceiving.

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No need for lengthy discussion about these special cupcake variants since tasting it in real life will be the ultimate get-to-know experience with it. As for its taste, take my word for it, Kahlua-flavored cupcakes deserves to be a highlight of today’s post wherein we always choose the best there is in the cupcake industry.

30Vanilla Kahlua Cupcakes

Image Credit: Sweetness & Bite