30 Fascinating Lord of the Rings Cupcakes

Lord of the Rings Birthday Cupcakes
Lord of the Rings Birthday Cupcakes

One of the most epic movies of our generation is no doubt, the Lord of the Rings franchise. Mere words or a few lines of commendation are not enough to describe how the movie affected the lives of its fans and set the standards of CGI films.

To reminisce such glory and achievement, we have a few of the best LOTR-inspired cupcakes which bakers around the world were very proud to share. These cute and for sure, delicious cupcakes showcase all our beloved LOTR characters. Of course, some features the Ring of Power itself as their main decorative topping which I believed attracts those who are weak in appetites and hungry for goodies.

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Celebrate with us and relive the Middle Earth adventures with our cupcake offerings today. Follow the crumbs which the fellowship have left and munch your way to Mordor.

30You Have My Sword, And My Bow, and My Ring Cupcakes


Image Credit: Neatorama