30 Drool-Worthy Mango Cupcake Ideas

Raw Mango Cupcakes
Raw Mango Cupcakes

One of the sweetest and most favorite fruit in the world, especially if you’re in the tropics, are the mangoes. Mangoes even when not yet ripe, people still crave for it. Unripe mangoes are sour yet too hard to resist while the ripe ones are super sweet which mostly say is to die for.

Because mango flavor is one of the most sought after flavor nowadays, food technologists are always finding ways to create the most authentic mango flavoring or product that can be patronize by different consumers around the world. Such flavorings are added to gourmet dishes, beverages, and even baked pastries which entice different groups of people in all ages. Mango cupcakes are also like this. Cupcakes are mixed with mango flavor or filled/topped with mango slice or puree to create that awesome mango experience.

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To add to the marketing value and enticing power, mango cupcakes are also designed with mango-associated things like its fruit, leaves, and slices. Examples of this indulging baked goodies are gathered and featured in today’s cupcake

30Savory Mango Cupcakes

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