30 Delicious Milk Cupcakes

Brown Sugar and Condensed Milk Cupcakes
Brown Sugar and Condensed Milk Cupcakes

From the day we were born into this world, we were already exposed and designed to accept one basic nutrient source for us to grow, milk. Milk, in all its variants, is the ultimate reason why we became strong enough to grow and become who we are right now.

If milk was a real person, I guess we should say our deepest gratitude to him/her because of the nourishment he/she gave us during the times when mammals don’t know how to eat yet. However, since it is not, then maybe a tribute in a form of cupcake flavoring/inspiration would suffice. Milk cupcakes do not really translate to white cupcakes because it is all about the taste. I know that you know the taste of milk, that sweet, a little sour, and creamy taste that aids us to sleep beautifully. Some of the milk cupcakes get its flavor from the frosting and toppings placed on top of the cute buns.

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I want you guys to imagine the taste and feel of milk while checking out the samples below. Just like me, you will also be wanting to try out some of the beautiful cupcakes below because you know for a fact that with milk flavor, it will be nostalgically delicious.

30Hot Milk Vanilla Cupcakes

Image Credit: Authentic Suburban Gourmet