30 Lip-Smacking Mojito Cupcakes

Fancy Mojito Cupcakes
Fancy Mojito Cupcakes

Nowadays, people wants to try to mix and match everything. Aside from fashion and work, food also became a laboratory specimen for these radical approach. Not to criticize anyone, but these efforts sometimes tells us that people these times are becoming more fickle-minded. The good thing about this is that sometimes, out of many trials, there are combinations that come out revolutionary and out of this world.

One good example is the featured themed cupcake for today. Cupcakes are known to be as food for the young ones. However, when its flavor is being added with a hint of alcohol, then the norms need to be changed. Introducing the mojito cupcakes. For you guys out there who are not yet familiar with mojito, it is actually a Mexican alcoholic cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. Since mojito is in liquid form, it can easily be mixed into the cupcake batter which would transform the kid’s delight into a food for the party gods. The applied designs for its toppings are also usually connected with the cocktail like the mint leaves, the slice of lime, or lime zest.

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Do not get me wrong here, even if mojito cupcakes may not be suitable for the young patrons, that does not mean that it is not delicious. In fact, the touch of alcohol makes the cupcake more irresistible to munch. Enough with the peep talk and more on the previews. Check out the amazingly looking mojito cupcakes we have gathered below.

30Creamy Mojito Cupcake

Image Credit: Brown Eyed Baker