30 Gorgeous Neapolitan Cupcakes

Creamy Neopolitan Cupcakes
Creamy Neopolitan Cupcakes

In the cupcake business, especially those that are keen to art toppings, the pastry name all depends on the subject applied. However, there is one combination existing right now that is known by its own name all thanks to its unique balance flavor which no one can ever resist.

Check out the Neapolitan cupcakes. Neapolitan cupcakes are made with vanilla cupcakes, chocolate mousse filling, and strawberry frosting. No need to elaborate on that one ladies and gentlemen. Even by just imagining what would be the final flavor would taste like, it will leave you mouth-watering and wanting for the real thing.

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To tease you all a little bit, check out the samples we have for you today. These are the Neapolitan cupcakes all of us are dying to take a bite. Good luck to us all.

30Vanilla Neapolitan Cupcake

Image Credit: Youtube