30 Heaven Sent Nutella Cupcake Ideas

Nutella Lava Cupcakes
Nutella Lava Cupcakes

There are sandwich spreads known to the world mainly because of its distinct tastes and from the simple things they are made of. For example, mayonnaise which are created entirely from eggs has this distinct salty taste. Peanut butter is also a spread that was made by beating a lot of peanuts and just peanuts alone and its taste, mouth-watering.

What I’m about to showcase today is not just a phenomenal spread, its origin is something of the same level of exquisiteness. Let me first remind you that this website is not about spreads but of cupcakes so, this featured amazing spread will just be a topping or a design to the baked goodies. The modern thespian of a classic film if one would say.

Introducing cupcakes topped with Nutella. Nutella is a chocolate sandwich spread that came from not just any ordinary ingredient but to a world-famous brand, Ferrero Rocher. The unique and irresistible taste of Nutella adds an explosion of flavor to the already delicious cupcakes. The concoction of flavor is further intensified by the brilliant artistry done by baking artists which make the cupcakes the gourmet food for the elites.

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Now, who would imagine that this is possible? Take a look for yourselves.

30Strawberry Topped Nutella Cupcakes

Image Credit: Life, Love And Sugar