35 Finger-Licking Oreo Cupcake Ideas

Beautiful Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes
Beautiful Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

Among all the surviving ad taglines for famous products, there is one that never fails to struck nostalgia to me and influenced my way of enjoying the product itself.

Oreo has been the leading cream-filled cookie sandwich for quite some time now. A lot of competitors came, went, and stayed but still, Oreo remains at the top. Its lead is so consistent that the product itself became a staple snack to all people around the world.

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In recognition to its contribution to the food revolution, we feature cupcakes today that are flavored or sprinkled with this creamy goodie. Just by burying an Oreo cookie into the cream whipped on top of the cupcake already makes the cupcake spectacular and heavenly! There are also cupcake samples below wherein crushed Oreo were sprinkled unto the cupcake or mixed into the icing top making the taste of the cupcake reach a whole new level. Enjoy the samples everyone and remember to always follow these 3 simple steps to properly enjoy Oreo—twist, lick and dunk!

35Sprinkled Oreo Cupcakes

Image Credit: The Melrose Family