30 Chic Pink Cupcakes

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes
Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Today, we take a break from cupcake collections based on flavor and just go back to simple subjects like colors. Recently we showcased cupcakes that are predominantly with color red so this time, we will choose pink.

Pink is the universal color for a girl or a woman. If you notice in every hospital delivery room, if a newborn baby is a girl, the tags or the sheets are always in pink. However, with the changing times, pink is slowly being accepted as a man’s color as well and men wear pink like they really own it. As for the food world, pink usually is associated with strawberry. Because of that, cupcakes in line today are mostly in strawberry flavor. For those that are not, the pink color is just the main color of the design motif.

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Have a taste of these tempting pink cupcakes which from just the look of it, they must taste really good. These themed cupcakes are best for occasions such as birthdays, debuts, weddings and Heart’s day which will surely add glow to the banquet table.

29Pink Champagne Cupcakes

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