30 Bright Rainbow Cupcakes

Intricate Rainbow Topped Cupcakes
Intricate Rainbow Topped Cupcakes

Are you aware of the current “memes” that are circulating around the internet right now? I bet you are since “memes”, as what they are defined as, are graphics that are overly used in almost all discussion platforms to express a rather obvious reaction. Among the hundreds of funny and famous memes out there, there is one in particular wherein a funny looking guy is drooling too much rainbow and this is usually used when there is a rainbow-colored food that is featured. We might be using that meme today because the cupcakes lined up for you guys are that spectacularly colorful.

Rainbow cupcakes are slowly going viral not just in the internet right now but to famous bakeries everywhere. These cupcakes are very recognizable among the rest because obviously, the rainbow color stands out. Basically there are 4 ways to create a rainbow cupcake. Either the cupcake itself is colored in rainbow style, or its top frosting has the colors. It could also be just the topping sprinkled all over it or a sugar/candy work placed on top of the frosting or the baked goodie.

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Whichever we get to see and taste, it doesn’t matter since we all know for sure that it will be insanely delicious and fun. Don’t believe me, check out the samples below (insert meme here).


30Rainbow Cupcakes with Vanilla Cloud Frosting

Image Credit: Dinner Then Dessert