30 Sweet Raspberry Cupcake Ideas

Raspberry Hot Chocolate Cupcakes
Raspberry Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

If you happen to get lost in a huge forest, the 1st thing that you may find which might save you from hunger are the berries, well of course, the edible ones. Berries are one of the most abundant fruit found in the world. It comes in different shapes, sizes, color and taste.

One of the more popular berry type that is known to be a good ingredient in pastries and gourmet food are the raspberries. Raspberries are red colored, pine cone-shaped berries that usually is sweet with a little sting of sourness. The shape and color of this berry is beautiful enough to be a decoration and its unique taste is an excellent flavoring to any pasty products, especially cupcakes.

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For today’s cupcake feature, we collected the most mouth-watering raspberry cupcake samples being showcased in the internet. Most of these cupcakes have the raspberries as its main topping decoration, buried on whipped cream. Some also have cream fillings or toppings that are of raspberry flavor. Check out the samples and drool over to it.

30Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes

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