30 Rose Cupcakes That Are As Lovely As The Real Ones

Classic Red Rose Cupcakes

Valentines Day is almost here and as expected, the world will again drown itself with the beauty of the most iconic flower godly made for the season, the rose.

Aside from buying just a stalk or a bunch of this sexy flower, the image of roses is now a sellable design concept to different kinds of things and food items. There are figurines, balloons, containers, and even baked goodies that are shaped and colored into a red rose which are being showcased during the seasons of love, a good alternative from the traditional bouquet. A delicious example of a baked goody designed as a red rose is a cupcake. Cupcakes are round and flat, a perfect shape to serve as a base for an artistic rose design whipped cream. Sometimes, icings with the shape of rose leaves are added into the design creating a more realistic flower which I first glance one may be fooled on.

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30 of the most beautiful and the most captivating rose cupcake designs are gathered here today as a treat for everyone. This design portfolio can serve as a good reference for your local and master bakers to create such mouth-watering delights all ready for the day of hearts. If ever you get to a chance to reserve a few and give it to your loved during this coming Valentines Day, trust me, its magic will work just like the real thing.

30Rose Water Cupcakes With Sugared Petals

Image Credit: Bake To The Roots

29Mini Buttercream Roses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Instagram

28Rose Centered Cupcakes

Image  Credit: Fiverr

27Gorgeous Burgundy Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Wedding Forward

26Salmon Blooming Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Berenice Big

25Vintage Roses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Diva Entertains

24Rose Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes

Image Credit: Tip Buzz

23Classic Red Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Food Network

22Rose Water And Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Image Credit: Kailley’s Kitchen

21Vanilla Cupcakes With Yellow Rose Buttercream

Image Credit: Kathryn’s Cupcakes

20Fondant Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Instagram

19Red Roses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Good To Know

18Ombre Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Tastemade

17Vanilla Cupcakes With Rose Buttercream Icing

Image  Credit: Ahead Of Thyme

16Two Toned Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Make Fabulous Cakes

15Colorful Roses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Juniper Cakery

14Elegant Red Rose Topped Cupcakes

Image Credit: Wilton

13Lace Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Tumblr

12Pumpkin Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Your Cup Of Cake

11Almond Rose Water Cupcakes

Image Credit: Cake Central

10Pearl Decorated Rose Cupcake

Image Credit: Pinterest

9Tea Party Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Tumblr

8Mini Fondant Rose Topped Cupcakes

Image  Credit: Eljee

7Dainty Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Tumblr

6Tiny Rose Buds Cupcakes

Image Credit: Mom Loves Baking

5Peach Roses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Sprinkle Bakes

4White Chocolate Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Feed Feed

3Pretty Pink Rose Cupcake

Image  Credit: Pinterest

2Cappuccino-Flavored Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: A Cozy Kitchen

1Blooming Pink Rose Cupcakes

Image Credit: Preppy Kitchen