25 Santa Hat Cupcakes

Vanilla Santa Hat Cupcake
Vanilla Santa Hat Cupcake

When everyone’s panicking on what to wear or decorate during the Christmas season, people lean into the best excuse or the easiest way-out and that is wearing or putting a Santa hat. I don’t blame them though since they are somehow right on the spot, all things with Santa hat on it mean that they are made for the season and prepared for celebrations in line with it.

Let us follow this train of thought and apply it to our delicious cupcakes. In simple definition, we just put the hats on top of a cupcake, well yeah, that’s most of it however since this is an art post, cupcake designs go more than simple hats on it. Santa hats are by convention, colored red, so the red part can be made from cream or icing. Interestingly, some use strawberries for the main red part, which I think is ingenious. Candy sprinkles are also used to complete the design for the white or snow feature.

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Santa’s definitely is coming to town with these irresistible cups of sweetness. Check out the goody samples we have and we challenge you guys to prepare your own Santa hat cupcakes at your own homes.


25Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Cupcake

Image Credit: Two Sisters Crafting