30 Yummy Skittles And M&M Cupcakes

Apple Pie M&M's Cupcakes
Apple Pie M&M's Cupcakes

When we were kids, probably until now as well, there were chocolate and candy treats that we have always favored and liked to nibble all the time and could not get enough of. This treats may not be very popular which you can just buy from the local stores found in your neighborhood, or these are the ones that people around the world are also craving for.

Today’s delicious cupcake samples are sprinkled and topped of two of the most popular kiddie treats out there, the M&M’s and Skittles. The color variations of their bite size pieces both represent the rainbow, however their flavors are totally different. M&M’s are coated chocolates while Skittles are fruit-flavored candies. Both dominate the market in their own rights that is why both are deserving to be the main subjects for today’s post. Cupcakes topped with Skittles and M&M’s are also very popular with kids and kid parties these days. Not only that they add blasts of flavors on top of the delicious cupcakes, it also provides unique design opportunities for the cupcakes as well. Their rainbow-colored pieces can be manipulated in order to create a theme or placed indiscriminately into the cupcakes to produce colorful and fun masterpieces.

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We have gathered a few of the featured cupcake designs found in the web which used both famous products as the main theme subjects. Check it out you guys.

Here are the 15 Tempting Skittles Cupcakes!

30Sour Skittles Cupcakes

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