30 Gratifying Snickers Cupcakes

Heavenly Snickers Cupcake
Heavenly Snickers Cupcake

Specialty cupcakes are the obvious theme of the recent posts here in our beloved website. The designs were freestyle and did not have a common technique since we concentrated more on the main ingredient or the flavor of the featured cupcakes.

Today is of no different since we will be showcasing snicker cupcakes for you guys. There are two famous ways in order to create a snicker cupcake, baker may use the famous chocolate bar as a filing or the bar can be broken into little pieces and bury into the frosting/cream on top of a basic bun. The caramel filing and nuts of snicker bars can also be replicated and use as an accent to the design of the cupcakes. The common base of a snicker-topped cupcake is chocolate just like its outer layer.

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No need to elaborate on the details of this tempting delight. We all know and love snickers at some point in our lives so imagining the possible things bakers can do to the cupcakes is more than enough for us to be convinced that these specialty cupcake is one of the most delicious. Check out a few of these specialty cupcakes here in today’s post.


30Ultimate Snickers Cupcakes

Image Credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction