30 Tasty and Healthy Squash Cupcakes

Summer Squash Cupcakes
Summer Squash Cupcakes

One of my personal favorites among the vegetables is the good ‘ol squash. Unlike most of the vegetables, squash has relatively a sweet taste and good texture which makes it a good baby food and of course for adults as well.

The natural good tasting characteristic of squash makes it also a good ingredient for anything besides cooking dishes. One example of this is making squash the main ingredient for cupcakes. Now, traditional cupcakes gets more flavorful and at the same time very healthy. The taste of the squash cupcakes can be comparable to a carrot cake but with more acceptable taste.

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Incorporating the unusual yet very famous shape of a squash, squash cupcakes are slowly becoming a huge hit in some country, especially in places where most of the people go green for living. Squash designs are very trendy and lively given that the color of the featured vegetable is orange. Below are some of the cutest and the most tempting squash cupcakes we could ever find in the internet. Enjoy!

30Summer Squash Cupcakes

Image Credit: Betty Crocker