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35 Stunning Butterfly Cupcake Designs

Isn't it delightful to see intricate and lovely butterflies on top of your cupcakes? A dessert that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth...

Cute Strawberry Butterfly Cupcakes

If you are making cupcakes for your kids and don't have toppings for decoration, then just simply make the toppings from strawberry and place...

Butterfly Floral Cupcakes

Have you seen so beautiful blue butterfly on cupcakes before? Looking so yummy! Source: http://www.thecakeparlour.com/cupcakes/

Butterfly Cupcakes

Let your mouth experience these Butterfly Cupcakes! These adorable, colorful and sweet treats will certainly bring smile on your face! Source: https://pastaprincessandmore.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/colored-butterfly-closeup-blog3.jpg  

Butterfly Cupcakes

Wow! Pink and blue butterfly printed cupcakes. Which one do you like pink or blue? Source: http://www.eueumesmagabrielle.com/2011/05/cupcakes_9551.html

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