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30 Luscious Caramel Cupcakes

Caramel is best known for brittles, nougats, pralines, crème brûlée and candied apples. However, do you know that caramel is also best for cupcakes?...

Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes

These heavily topped cupcakes are so perfect for your night parties. Popcorn and marshmallow are topped so well on the chocolate frosting, eat now! Source: http://www.bakersroyale.com/cupcakes/carnival-cupcakes/

Sweet Caramel Apple Cupcakes

In the festive season bake these fun apple cupcakes. These are really easy to make and super cute, and delectably delicious! Source: http://thebakermama.com/recipes/caramel-apple-cupcakes/#_a5y_p=4224181

Caramel Cupcakes

Tasty caramel cupcakes with salt to add some more taste your mouth. Source: http://tidymom.net/2012/salted-caramel-cupcakes/

Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with caramel looking so yummy. Do not wait to eat these! Source: http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/mini-chocolate-poke-cakes/

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