30 Vintage Themed Cupcakes

Buttons And Bird Cupcakes
Buttons And Bird Cupcakes

In the fashion trend, going old school is the new school. The present always acknowledges the contributions of the past and always finds a way to relive the glory of it. This is not only happening in the fashion world but to most areas of our busy lives. Technology may advance everyday but if you look at it closely, what it is truly aiming is the restoration of the simple life of the past.

Much like the appreciation of fashion to the old school, cupcake designs lined for today feature the vintage. Vintage pertains to all things old yet very much alive and influential. Not to get the wrong idea though, it is the design on the cupcakes that are vintage-inspired not the cupcake itself, the cupcake is of course baked fresh and absolutely delicious. Vintage cupcake designs are more on brooch, ribbons, and flowers. Sometimes, the shade of the icing or cream is in sepia to capture the feeling of a vintage material.

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This time, try to bake your own cupcakes at home and not just imagine them while looking at the samples below. Baking cupcakes is easy I tell you, not to mention fun and a worthwhile bonding experience. So grab your own baking pans, and start indulging!

30Vintage Pink Cupcakes

Image Credit: Flickr